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Group A: Blog Three

I started the day at 6:45 and while all the boys and some of the girls were working out, I decided to go for a quick run around the school we are staying at. It is actually one of the most amazing places that I have ever seen, the feeling of running with the cold wind on my face while watching the African sunrise is indescribable. It is like paradise here.

Afterwards, we split into groups, had breakfast and headed towards our first coaching session. We do two sessions at one school in the morning then move to the second school for lunch and for our third and fourth session. Our group went to Riverain School first thing in the morning. We started coaching 10-12 year olds and the reactions we got were extraordinary! They listened to everything we said with spectacular amounts of energy.

Our second session during the afternoon was with pupils from Nsanza Primary School and they were the real challenge of the day since they weren’t listing and weren’t into the game. It got to the point where we had to return to the most basic exercises to make them review the core rules of the game, which they weren’t following. Thankfully, everything started looking better after adding a bit of dance to our exercises.

After the last session, my group got the bus back to the school we were staying at. We all arrived tired and ready to get some sleep… but of course, we started a game of football as soon as we could. The perfect ending to a lovely day.

– Bardia Gougani (Burton Bank)