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Group B: Blog One

After a delayed departure owing to our driver injuring his head on the coach’s luggage door (we hope Daniel is ok!) we headed to LHR Terminal 2 eager for the journey ahead! We enjoyed lots of time at the airport, some of us having sushi and picking up some snacks for the flight.

Our 11-hour South African Airways flight to Johannesburg was comfortable and featured just a touch of turbulence. The food was really tasty and the selection of films kept us entertained. Some of us managed a good sleep whilst Alfie and Lewis set up a very intricate Uno Tournament.

Our time in Johannesburg Airport was fairly brief but we all enjoyed freshening up ahead of our flight to Lusaka. As we boarded, the pilot welcomed Noah and Luke into the cockpit and gave our group a special welcome to the flight!

Once we arrived in Lusaka we were collected by Viv and Anna – our Tag Rugby Trust leaders, and thankfully joined by (almost!) all of our luggage much to the relief of the girls (unfortunately Oliver’s sleeping bag is lost somewhere between London and Lusaka). Our accommodation proved comfortable with all pupils sharing a block with Miss Smith and Mr Walters. We were all amazed to see giraffes and zebras roaming around the brilliant camping site – the spiders and lizards, not so much! We took some time to settle in and get comfortable, enjoying our first night together in Africa – keen for the adventure ahead and already feeling the magic of Zambia.