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Group B: Blog Three

Tuesday was our first day taking responsibility over Zambian youngsters as we began teaching them the basics of Tag Rugby. With my group we started with the simple rules applicable to all games that were: Rule 1 – get into a straight line, Rule 2 spreading out and Rule 3 which is space. To get the kids to get the grasp of these games we played bulldog, stuck in the mud and rugby netball all of which they understood with the help of our young leaders and enjoyed thoroughly. Furthermore with the Grade 5’s we were able to move onto the beginnings of tag rugby which was very encouraging for the tournament on Saturday whereas with the Grade 4’s the principles of the game took longer to understand hence why we couldn’t get onto Tag Rugby in the first session.

After lunch we started our first community work session, my group was teaching the children all about life in Mill Hill, explaining the intricacies of living in London and playing a great game of Pictionary. Although it was really fun and interactive teaching  the younger kids in the classroom, the best part was the end when all the kids started singing and dancing in the classroom with us.

We enjoyed a lovely meal and a relaxing evening to complete another wonderful day in Zambia.

– Charlie B (Atkinson)