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Leiths School of Food and Wine

Congratulations to Hanna B (Murray), Lorena C R (Weymouth), Martina C R (Weymouth), Maya G (School) and Maria S (McClure) who all successfully completed the prestigious Leiths Introductory Certificate to Food and Wine. Hannah B (Murray) was also awarded the book prize for the most promising pupil gaining a merit in her final exam.

The course is hard work and requires lots of dedication, a love of cooking and a strong desire to grow as a cook. The pupils have gained many skills and techniques as well as developing organisational and time management skills.

The pupils made me very proud in their final practical exam (2.5 hours long). Producing food in exam conditions is a bit like being on Master Chef and by the end of it they were exhausted, then relieved and finally exhilarated when they discovered they’d passed.

Jane Wolkenstein
Independent Cookery Teacher – Leiths School of Food and Wine