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Liz Flanagan- Author Visit for Year 4 and 6

On Wednesday afternoon, Years 4 and 6 were taken away to a magical world of dragons (and their imaginations!)

Author Liz Flanagan discussed her middle-grade novel ‘Dragon Daughter’, which has just been published in paperback and has recently won the 9-11 category prize in the Leeds Book Awards!

‘Dragon Daughter’ is a fantasy novel aimed at readers aged 9-12, but suitable for anyone who loves an exciting saga. It is set on the imaginary island of Arcosi, where servant girl Milla witnesses a murder and finds herself caring for the last four dragon eggs. As unrest spreads across the island, who can she trust?

Liz is perhaps better known as a YA writer, but this marks her first entry into books for a younger age group. Pupils heard Liz talk about her work and were lucky enough to sample the dragons’ eggs and precious stones that inspired her. She also discussed her experience of being a writer – inspiring many of our own budding writers to pursue their dreams to have their ideas and imaginations published.

Many children were able to purchase their very own signed copy of the book, and to tell Liz about books they loved reading and how they imagine dragons to be. Mrs Hunt still has some signed copies of the book, if children are still keen to purchase one at a special discounted price of £5.

Thank you to Liz Flanagan for coming in to our school. We all loved the book. She inspired me to write my own stories. I adored how you turned reality into fantasy! – Ava Smith (4LG)

 I believe the school really loved the book. I loved how she used your animals to inspire you and how you used your animals, especially the cute chicks. I love animals.- Isla Mackintosh (4LG)

 Thank you so much to Liz Flanagan for coming in to our school. I loved the talk so much and she has inspired me to be an author. I am currently on Chapter 23 of the book, when Kara has told Milla the story about the dragon riders. I can’t stop reading it!- Katie Gill (4NC)

 On Wednesday 5th June, we had a visit from a lovely author called Liz Flanagan, who wrote a book about dragons. She began by telling us how something as simple as her hens inspired her to begin to describe the dragon’s eggs.

We learnt so many helpful tips on how to start thinking of ideas for a book. She helped us imagine our own dragon stones and even special necklaces. Liz also told us the story behind why she chose to use a Lapis stone to be an important part of her beautiful book. The Lapis was apparently used in this magical story, because it was put in Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus. As well as being one of her favourite stones since she was a child.

In her visit, despite being only an hour, she taught us that inspiration is everywhere. People like her encourage children like us to pick up a book that develops our imaginations. We would definitely recommend reading her enchanting book. – Xarina Kothari (6RA) and Edie Woodings (6JN)

 On the 5th June, the author Liz Flanagan made us imagine three things: our own dragon egg, the precious stone of a necklace and our very own dragon. The story is about an orphan girl with no family that gets her own dragon and raises it. This girl has one belonging, which is a necklace.

Liz Flanagan took seven years to publish her book, which is a very long time. She is currently writing the sequel, which is coming out next March. She has also written another book called ‘Eden Summer’ based on her experience with her brother. A fun fact is that Liz Flanagan is a big animal lover. Her ideas for the dragon book came from her chickens, as she thinks that young chickens are a bit like fragile young dragon, especially their eggs.

She talked about how things aren’t always easy and that she used to go on walks whenever she felt frustrated with writing. I really loved listening to Liz and thought she was great, and a good role model for younger children who want to start writing. I think she made a big impact on the lives of the children in Year 4 and I was inspired by her message of never giving up.- Daniel Losse-Lazzari (6JN)

Miss Bufton (Head of English) and Mrs Hunt (Librarian)