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Sports Day 2019

Belmont Sports Day 2019 was looking ominous on Tuesday morning however with some alterations to the programme and relocation of events all 543 pupils were able to represent their house in what was an entertaining and action-packed day. The collective effort, sportsmanship and teamwork demonstrated on Sports Day further highlights the importance physical activity and competition has in young children’s lives and indeed their future. I would like to congratulate everyone who took part in the day and the contribution you gave to your house. Special mention must go to those pupils who broke records, including: Andre 6RA , Harry 5TB, Chloe 4AD, Oliver 3MS,  and of course the Angles on their 10th consecutive victory. Finally, I would like to thank all the parents, grounds staff, catering, FOB members and Belmont staff for their commitment and enthusiasm throughout the day.

Mr Davies-Horne, Head of PE