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This week in Music…

Years 1 and 2 have been rehearsing in the theatre and getting to grips with their parts nicely. It is always tricky to know your cues when learning your lines in isolation at home. Knowing when to actually say your lines is an essential part of putting a production together and the children are learning this valuable skill.

I am looking forward to sharing their wonderful talents with you all over the next couple of weeks.

Reception have been learning to recognise the timbre of the percussion instruments aurally. The children took it in turns to hide behind a sheet and chose an instrument to play whilst the others tried to guess which one it was without actually seeing it. Some instruments were trickier to name than others, therefore if they weren’t able to name them they could mime how you would play the instrument to show they recognised it. I was impressed with their aural skills and with how many instruments they could correctly name.

The keyboard and guitar clubs had a combined session this week to prepare for their assembly on Monday. It was really lovely to have them together as an ensemble, they worked brilliantly with each other and really listened to the sound that they were making to ensure they were playing in time with one another. I can’t wait for the rest of the school to hear them rocking out, (that might just be a little clue as to which song they will be performing!).