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This week in Music…

What a fantastic couple of weeks we have had.

We began with the Guitar and Keyboard club assembly where they performed ‘We Will Rock You’ as an ensemble. The children in the guitar club kept the iconic beat of this song by strumming on the E minor chord throughout whilst the children in keyboard club switched between the E minor and C major chords. The children have worked hard throughout the year to master the hand position required for chords which involves only the thumb, middle and little fingers. The isolation of these fingers is tricky but the children were able to maintain the position and switch between the chords. They also mastered playing the tune which we layered over the top. Again their technique was spot on, they used the correct fingering and were able to play smoothly and keep in time. I am so proud of what they have achieved this year and hope that they will continue to play these instruments next year.

The Toffee Bear Choir were special guests at a lunch hosted by ‘The Good Neighbour Scheme’ at St Paul’s Church. This wonderful charity exists to give neighbourly support to older, less mobile and isolated people in the Mill Hill area. It was a special moment to have these two generations together sharing the magic of music. Music truly brings people together and breaks down so many barriers. The sound of the children’s voices brought joy to us all and we even had some audience members singing along too. It was a heart-warming experience and something I hope we can do again.

Year 2 wowed us all with their end of year show ‘Pirates Versus Mermaids’, they worked incredibly hard to learn their lines and all of the songs. Their performance was confident and stylish, every child shone and spoke with expression and commitment to their character.

Year 1 were remarkable in their rendition of ‘The Snail and the Whale’, their ability to retain the logistics involved in creating the show was so impressive and they sang, acted and danced with such joy and poise and were encouraged by a super supportive audience.

I was filled with pride watching how far all of these children have come this year.