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This week in Nursery…

Nursery have had a wonderful week back at school and they seemed to have had a lovely half term.

The children were particularly enthusiastic about the sounds this week. They decorated their ‘j’ with jewels and their ‘l’ to look like a leopard. I brought in some jelly for the children to play with, we used our senses to describe it in many ways – how it looked, what it smelt and felt like.

The children bought in some lovely items for the sound of the week shelf and we took inspiration from these for our continuous provision activities. We made jelly fish using a paper plate and crepe paper and used paper and envelopes to write letters to each other.

On Wednesday the children showed great language and communication skills when sharing all the things they had made and the photographs of the lovely places they visited over half term.

We were developing our mathematical thinking on Thursday by solving a maths problem. We counted sea creatures into a box and then added more or took away to show less. We had to use our knowledge of number to work out how many there were now and then check if we were right.

Today was magical kingdom day in forest school. We made our own fairy wands and made forest school sparkle by painting it with water and glitter.