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This week in Year 2…

What an incredible week we have had!

We were very kindly invited to Belmont by the Design Technology Department to design and create a moving sea creature toy. The children were warmly welcomed by the team of staff, ably assisted by Year 8 children and they were taught step by step how to make their model. They had to measure their dowling, cut it to size using a junior hack saw and then use sandpaper to smooth the edges. They assembled their toy by adding wheels to their dowling and proceeded to use the glue gun to stick rubber washers to keep them in place. The children also glued their ‘fish’ graphic onto their toy with the square dowling, finishing it off by adding waves to surround it. The Year 2 team were very impressed at how independent and confident the children were during our visit. We were very grateful to Mr Warden for his enthusiasm and we hope that it will help the children with their transition to Belmont next year.

The children have been very busy creating their own non-fiction book on sharks. They collated the work they have completed this half term in their chosen order and then made a content page for their book. Their books might include the following:

What do I already know about sharks?

How big are sharks? What are the different parts of a shark called?

Are there different types of sharks?

What is the life cycle of a shark?

What food chains are sharks part of?

Where do we find sharks around the world? Are sharks endangered?

How long have sharks been around for?

How do different cultures view sharks?