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Blog Seven

On Friday morning we set off for Kodaikanal, one of the famous “hill stations“ to which wives used to be sent during the hot summers during the days of the Raj. It is a lush green resort, 2,000 metres above sea level, set in granite cliffs with natural lakes and waterfalls. It can be very rainy and cool there but we were lucky with splendid sunny warm days. Nonetheless the temperature dropped to  16°C at night compared to 33°C at night at Sri Jayendra School.

It was a long and quite arduous journey there over eight hours in total including our stops for lunch and refreshments and finishing with a 40 km climb up and across the mountains which did make a few of us feel a bit sick!

Once there we settled into our lovely hotel which had very pretty gardens and nice balconies for everybody to enjoy the views. Thanks to the good weather we were able to enjoy pedalos on the lake and many spectacular views as we drove around the 11km circuit of special sites of interest.  We even found a Dominos Pizza Restaurant for a bit of a change of cuisine while we were there!

On the way back we took in the major Meenkashi temple at Madurai.  Security there has tightened considerably in the last year and we were reliant on our friends in the nearby Madurai galleries to help us negotiate the restrictions.

After a bit more shopping we returned to our bus for the remaining three hour journey back to school. A fantastic trip but challenging and tiring at the same time.

– Miss Bradley