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Group A: Blog Four

It was the day we had all been waiting for – Tournament Day, where all of the hard work from both us Mill Hill pupils and the children we had taught would be tested in the tournament we had set up for the 10 schools we had taught. Although it was going to be a competitive and emotional day, it was not about the winning but about putting a smile on every child’s face during the day. We were all assigned different roles, such as announcing the tournament, organising the pitches and refereeing the matches.

The day was extremely positive, however it was difficult seeing some children who were upset with the results crying – this was meant to be the highlight of their week. Despite this, we had to really show the children that it wasn’t about the winning, it was about the fun they had both on the day and throughout the week of training. Seeing the children so upset actually made us even more motivated to get them to reflect back on a week of happiness and positivity for the huge efforts they made on the day as well as the whole week. It was clear to us all how much passion for the sport the children have, and that through the tag rugby trust, they will be able to continue playing the game even after we leave aided by volunteers from Diggers Rugby Club.

So now they are able to continue playing and improving their rugby giving them a sense of community and passion through rugby, which is what we came here to do.

– Toby