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Group A: Blog Seven

On Thursday, the hard and exhausting work continued. The finishing touches were made to “Bav’s garden”; planting local Zambian vegetables. Noah Z and Mr Dickin continued to work tirelessly in an effort to complete a drive leading up towards the medical centre, and the army of painters laboured to finish the first coat of an interestingly coloured pale yellow paint.

After a quick lunch stop, George, a TRT volunteer took my group on a scenic drive to our school – passing monkeys, cows and deer. Coaching started off with a classic game of statues and then a signature exercise of Joe F consisting of spinning around a stick and rolling around in the sand, with kids jumping on him. The children didn’t fail to make us smile and laugh whilst simultaneously making us feel extremely frustrated – all being part of the experience (of course).

We got back to the Vic Falls rest camp and the festivities continued with hours of leisure time; allowing us to explore the town, the local cuisine and school friends who we wouldn’t have necessarily spoken to before. The evening was topped off with a BBQ; before we all headed to bed exhausted, but prepared for the day to come.