Fives Summers Cup

Sunday saw our third annual Summers Cup Fives Tournament where an Old Millhillian plays alongside a current pupil of the school. This year we had 10 pairs competing for the trophy, with some very high quality group stage matches. Progression to the semi-finals was not guaranteed until the final match had finished and went down to points scored.

The group stages and semi-finals were made up of timed matches with the final being one full set. The first semi-final was between Sunil T & Robert E vs Vishal B & J. Clifford which was a very close game but eventually won by the former 11-9. The second semi-final was between Luke V & Jed L vs James H & Jake T.

Jake T was unable to continue with his aim of being the first pupil to win the cup twice, losing 10-3 in a very high standard match. Lukas V & Jed L went one stage further and put two new names on the trophy winning the final 12-6.