This week in Music…

We have been going dottie this week in music! We had an exciting visit from ‘Musical Dots’ who combine music curriculum and PSHE to boost learning and wellbeing. All of the children met The Dots: five loveable characters whose musical names match their personality.

Forte meaning Loud is confident.

Pianissimo meaning very quiet is thoughtful.

Harmony is when two or more different notes are played together to create a pleasing sound , she is friendly and cooperative.

Legato meaning smooth is laid back.

Staccato meaning sharp/ detached is lively.

The contrasting personality types of The Dots highlighted to the children that we can celebrate and learn from each other’s differences. The children began relating to The Dots immediately and enjoyed talking about their favourite Dot.

The children impressed The Dots by showing them that they had already learnt some of their songs and dances in their music lessons. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops, they were energetic, had fantastic concentration, imagination and smiled constantly throughout.

We will continue to see The Dots around school and encourage parents and children to enjoy their original chart quality music with themes for children via the Musical Dots YouTube channel. You can also find the songs on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play.

Each song is written to support children, parents and teachers. We hope you enjoy meeting The Dots with your children, continuing their learning at home.