This week in Nursery…

The children have had another fantastic week.

We started the week finishing off looking in all the children’s treasure boxes, taking photos and making notes about what the children have told us. We also finished our gardening and planted some lovely flowers in the tyres.

The children have been exploring the setting much more this week and thinking creatively about our environment. In the outdoor environment we have had pirate ships, boats, and the rocks being dinosaur and caterpillar eggs. The children have also been creating cafes, restaurants, fire engine and cars with the large and small bricks.

The children have also enjoyed playing with the defunct technology, calling their families on the phone, sending emails and being hard at work.

On Tuesday the children were creating themselves with playdough, the children chose what colour playdough they would need and what resources they could use for all the different parts of their face.

On Wednesday the children used black pens to draw pictures of themselves. They loved this activity especially looking in the mirror to see what parts of their face they may have missed.

On Thursday the children enjoyed their first structured P.E. and music lesson. They were really excited and came back into class full of energy to tell me everything about both sessions.

Today we went for a walk around the wonderful grounds at Mill Hill School. We looked at the different sports pitches, the various trees and buildings along the way. The children were surprised that the large pillared building wasn’t a castle.