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Eco Society Update

The Eco Society has been participating in a plethora of events this term in order to raise awareness about the crucial environmental issues currently facing our planet.

At the very start of the term, a group of pupils attended a sustainability conference at Highgate School where the pupils were given the opportunity to listen to a broad range of speakers from across the fields of science, academia, business, consulting, journalism, politics, and activism. These talks included updates on a handful of current environmental issues and campaigns, as well as information on a number of sustainability-related career paths. Additionally, a small number of pupils from different schools had the opportunity to give a short presentation about an environmental initiative they have set up in their own schools, Mill Hill School being one of them. Not only did this allow pupils to gain further knowledge on current environmental issues but also a few of them had the chance to speak up about what they want to change, providing them with the chance to make a difference to the wider world.

Mill Hill School also celebrated the World Recycle Week and to highlight this we put an enormous inflatable turtle on Top Field, which was made from 100% recycled material – the first of its kind. Following on from that, there was an incredibly interesting eco talk by the CEO of Delphis Eco, our chemical and dispenser supplier. Their products are plant-based and cruelty-free, and they are the first UK company to use 100% recycled plastic bottles. They are leading the charge in labelling the recycled materials used in their products and are asking other companies to join them. It was nice to see pupils from all four Foundation Schools coming together to raise awareness for eco week.

Last week we celebrated both Harvest festival and Eco week, including a Chapel service led by some members of the Eco Society (Agne, Braden and Liberty). The theme of this year’s very special Eco and Harvest week was the five Rs: Refuse, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose and Reduce. As well as this, the Eco Society set up a vegan bake sale and an Eco Thrift Shop to raise money to help children in a remote village in Ghana. Our Eco Co-ordinator Miss Ivacson went there herself this summer, providing us with a closer connection to the area. We raised a total amount of £110, which will now be used to send textbooks to the Ghanaian school . This initiative follows the 5 Rs given that we have.

The Eco Society continues to go from strength to strength and we look forward to more exciting events and initiatives to come over the course of the year.