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TCT Show 2019

Last week a group of Year 7 and 8 Belmont students were invited to the TCT show at Birmingham NEC by Create Education who provide fantastic resources for 3D design teaching at Belmont as well as Henry, our Ultimaker 3D printer.

The students had a fantastic workshop were they used Fusion 360 to design and print a personalised spanner, this sort of learning will stand them in good stead for GCSE DT.

After the workshop we had a Q&A with a special panel of people who are leading figures in the industry. Our pupils were fantastic, the organisers commented that despite being the youngest group at the show, they were the most engaged and asked lots of questions of the panel. More importantly nearly all the questions reflected the current issues of the environment and they really put the panel under pressure on the issues of waste, pollution and the environmental impact of technology.

The final part of the day was the chance for the pupils to explore the Expo and see some of the latest technology that is being used in one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry. This included fantastic art creations using a mixture of 3D printers and pens, 3D printing in titanium and automated robotic arms and most importantly the popcorn machine on the Siemans stand!

What a fantastic day that far exceeded my expectations and I fully believe that the pupils were inspired by what they did and saw.

Mr Perrin