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This week in Nursery…

This week in Nursery we have been exploring the rest of Grimsdell. The children went on a teacher hunt to find pictures of all the adults that visit Nursery. They walked around with their own clipboards and ticked off their names when they had found them. They loved introducing themselves to new teachers and the other children.

On Monday we continued to develop our listening skills by listening to unusual sounds and had a group discussion about what they might be. We then played a farm animal game where we had to describe an animal and guess which animal our friend was thinking of from the clues. The children loved this and is quite an easy game for you to play at home.

We have been very excited about the opening of the cabin this week. The children have had a chance to explore the resources inside and play with lots of the toys. I think the extra space outside is going to be hugely beneficial for us all.

We were lucky enough to play with a new resource in school this week, Magna-tiles. The children spent such a long time building the most amazing structures with them and we observed the children sharing the resources and working together to construct different things.

We also added some mini-me’s of the teachers into the building blocks this week. The children loved making the school, their houses, a castle and then being able to add the teachers into this caused no end of fun and giggles.

On Thursday we introduced another learning friend ‘Bertie the Bee’, he is awarded to the children when they work well with others and share their ideas.

Today the children made shakers. We discussed the different sounds we could hear and talked about loud and quiet sounds.