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What Year 5 have been up to…

A number of the Year 5 children have been working hard on various projects at home and at school this half term. The Year 5 tutors and I have been hugely impressed by their initiative and all their efforts. They have demonstrated that their work in CLP over the last two years, developing key skills, has enabled them to make excellent independent choices in terms of communicating and presenting what they have learnt. They have enjoyed presenting these pieces to their forms and it has been wonderful to see the level of pride they have in their work. The range of projects has been quite diverse. We have had Katie’s (5TW) enthralling video news report on the death of Tutankhamun, Ella’s (5TW) stunning jackal model, Kavi’s (5JD) detailed power point presentations, one on plants and one on Rameses II, a group effort to create an impressive 3D sphinx model from Nepheli, Leah and Charlotte N (5TB), Mary’s (5SB) beautifully decorated Tutankhamun mask, Iris’s (5TW) wonderful model pyramid, Nayan’s (5JD) super Lego pyramid and poster, Saul’s (5TW) colourful 3D printer models and Alexandra’s (5SB) amazing Canopic jars. Many children are still working hard on various pieces which myself and the Year 5 tutors are very excited about. Well done Year 5, superb efforts!

Miss Sutherns, Head of Lower School