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This week in Nursery…

The children returned to school after the weekend to find that the home corner had transformed into a snow kingdom. The children explored the pretend snow, read stories in the igloo and drew pictures using sparkly pens.

We read the story ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs which the children loved. On Tuesday we then came into class to find the remains of a snowman on our carpet. We explored how the snowman might have melted and then set up an experiment to found the best material for making ice melt. We found out that salt and hot water makes the ice melt the quickest.

The children have loved pretending to be firefighters and the police in the outdoor house. The children have been walking around the playground with clipboards ensuring everything is in order. On Wednesday we looked at road signs, their shapes, and their meanings. We then made our own road signs, these had very different meanings. My favourite was a sign that was for ‘no cows to cross the road’.

Thursday’s PE lesson was fantastic, the children loved having a go at line dancing and trying their best to follow the different moves and actions. I’m sure they will show you these at home.

Today was Children in Need so we decided to fully embrace the day and took part in lots of activities that were Pudsey related. We went on a Pudsey hunt around the school, we printed with Pudsey stamps and did some spotty painting.