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This week in Nursery…

What a wonderfully cold week we have had in Nursery! The children have loved how their ideas and interests are being transformed into fantastic learning opportunities each week.

This week we started off by looking at Superheroes. We discussed their names, their powers and the types of things they do to look after the world. We read a fantastic story called ‘George saves the world by lunchtime’ by Jo Readman and Ley Honor Roberts. This book talks about how we can save the world by recycling and reusing things so it was a great opportunity to discuss how we can look after the environment.

The children then became superheroes, they put on their capes and masks and acted out being superheroes. We then used these pictures to make our very own magazine-style pages. The children chose their own Superhero names and told us what their superpower was.

The second half of the week was focused on being dinosaur explorers. The children came into school to find a dinosaur exploration table with fossils, bones and magnifying glasses. The children made dinosaur footprints in the playdough, made homes for the dinosaurs and we looked in books to find out various facts.

Today we had great fun making fossil biscuits, the children used the dinosaurs to make footprints in the dough.

This week was National Road Safety week, today we used the zebra crossing on Wills Grove to practice crossing the road. We encouraged the children to look left and right, walking sensibly and listening for traffic. We also played the traffic light game where red means stop, green means run and amber/orange means walk.