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This week in Nursery…

We have had a wonderful week in Nursery as usual. The children have loved moving their boots into space and on the farm.

We started off the week by looking at rhyming and listening carefully to words that have the same ending sounds. We read the story ‘The rhyming rabbit’ by Julia Donaldson and looked at all the various rhyming words she uses in this book.

We took a brief look at space, making moon pictures and printing various shapes into them. The children also made constellation pictures sticking star stickers on the page and using a white pencil to join them together.

We then took a look at farm animals, we made our own farm stick puppets. We used these to sing the song Old Mac Donald with each of the children being the animal they had made. We discussed what animals like to eat and some of the names of the baby animals.

Today we looked at the number 4 but linked to doing 4 things. We went outside in small groups and showed each other how we could do 4 jumps, 4 kicks, 4 waves, etc. This is helping the children to develop their understanding of numbers and the various representations.