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This week in Year 1…

This week, Year One have continued to read and enjoy the story ‘Snowy’ by Berlie Doherty and Keith Bowen. We used the adjectives we had collected previously about this special boat horse and learned what a ‘simile’ is and how to write one. The children thought of some wonderful ideas of how to compare Snowy to other things… “Snowy is as white as a cloud” (Daisy, 1NS).

We were extremely lucky to have some special equine visitors to Grimsdell on Wednesday! The Year One children experienced patting, stroking and brushing our special guests! We learned so many new interesting facts about horses too and handled some of their equipment such as a bridle.

Also this week, we learned about the history of narrowboats and discovered that ‘leggers’ used to push the narrow boats through canal tunnels with their legs and feet. It was a very dangerous job!

In Forest School, we collected many more pretty autumn leaves and used these to create firework pictures on the ground. We also had great fun lighting sparklers to celebrate the 5th of November!