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This week in Year 2…

In English, we learnt the features of a newspaper report including the headline and byline, lead, body, and tail. We were very lucky to have journalist Katie Nichols come into school to run workshops with each Year 2 class. We worked in groups to create the front page of a newspaper all about The Great Fire of London. We named our paper, decided the layout and worked together to write a newspaper article. Many thanks to Katie Nichols for her help and support with this task.

In Topic, we discussed how the Great Fire finally stopped burning and the equipment used to put it out e.g. fire hooks, squirters, leather buckets, and gunpowder. We investigated another famous historical event, The Gunpowder plot and learned how Guy Fawkes played an important part in changing history. We also took this opportunity to discuss the importance of keeping safe and the rules required on Bonfire night- an essential theme in the PSHE curriculum. The children had fun drawing portraits of Guy Fawkes and creating their own firework pictures using various techniques- they look fantastic!