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This week in Year 2…

Year 2 have had an incredibly busy week! On Monday we learnt about the importance of Remembrance Day and about the significance of the poppy symbol and created our own field of poppies to help us remember fallen soldiers from wars in the past and present. The children used different media and materials to create their artwork including poster paint, watercolour paint, tissue paper and pipe cleaners.

This week was anti-bullying week and on Tuesday the children and staff showed their support by wearing odd socks to symbolise that everyone is different. We also participated in an anti-bullying workshop with Perform, where we were taught to empower ourselves to prevent and stop bullying by learning different strategies through drama. Thank you, Mrs Barnett, for organising such a thought-provoking session.

Following on from the success of our workshop with Katie Nichols, the children have started drafting and writing their own front paper for their newspaper. Watch this space for the finished article…!

Last week we learnt about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot.  The children were set a challenge to make a 3D firework model as part of their Take a Closer Look home learning. Well done to everyone for their efforts!

As we approach the end of our journey back to 1666 when the Great Fire of London destroyed large parts of London, we took time to look at how our wonderful city was rebuilt from the ashes to become the place we know and love today. We learnt about Sir Christopher Wren who designed the column after it was decided that there should be a memorial to the fire. Did you know that Wren designed the column so that it could be used as a telescope too? Year 2 pretended to be architects by designing their own St Paul’s Cathedral.