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This week in Year 2…

We have finished our third unit of Task Time activities when the whole year group moves around between 8 tasks that cover various subjects across the curriculum. The tasks on offer include:

  • RE – Diwali rangoli patterns
  • English – writing an acrostic poem
  • Design technology – assembling the net of a Tudor house
  • History – sequencing the events of the Great Fire of London
  • Music – rehearsals for ‘Lights, Camel, Action’
  • Science – identifying different layers of a flame
  • SMSC – what do I do if I feel scared?
  • English – guided reading the story of Diwali

Evidence of Task Time can be found in your children’s journals, so please take the time to ask them about the different activities.

All of Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic session in forest school. We used buckets and leaves instead of water to play a game where we had to fill the bucket, pass it along the line and pour it in a pile (pretending we were in 1666 putting out the Great Fire of London). We got very muddy during forest play and Mrs Moir taught us how to make delicious popcorn on the fire. We finished our session by thinking about what we are grateful for and enjoyed a mindful moment.

In computing with Mrs Golden, the children have been up leveling a fire safety leaflet. The children initially created this leaflet, then edited it and made the appropriate changes. They checked for spaces, capital letters, and full stops, adding as much detail as possible. Well done everyone!