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Year 4 Trip to The Aquarium

On Friday 15 November, Year 4 visited the London Sealife Centre as part of their ‘Memorable Experience’ for their new CLP topic: Blue Abyss. It started with an exciting walk over a glass floor where sharks roamed beneath. The children then had the chance to explore and find many different types of organisms which live in the oceans and seas. They also took part in a workshop about coral where they got to touch it and learn about different types as well as how we play an important part in looking after it. Meeting stingrays, turtles, sharks, piranhas and even getting to stroke a starfish, the children were constantly amazed at each step they took. They thoroughly enjoyed their day (as did the teachers) and it was a fantastic way to get them enthused and eager to learn about their new topic!

  • ‘The penguins were my favourite part -they were so cute!’ – Katy, 4NC
  • ‘Amazing!’ – Minnie, 4NC
  • ‘Magical!’ – Penelope, 4NC
  • ‘My favourite bit was touching the starfish!’ – Alessia, 4LG

Miss Cregg

Lower School Tutor