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Year 5 Plays

Yesterday the pupils in Year 5 performed their long-awaited class plays to their parents and the rest of Lower School.

Along with the teachers, the pupils in Year 5 have been working hard for weeks, rehearsing their lines, singing songs and dance routines to produce a spectacle that was fit for the West End stage.

Both parents and staff commented on how fantastic the children performed and it could be seen, when on stage, how much they were enjoying themselves.

With the humour and modern twist of 5SB ‘Gold and ‘Locks’ of Fairy tale Madness’, to the pantomime classic of 5JD’s ‘Aladdin’. 5TB had a comical take on a historical script ‘The Curse of the Tomb of Kalos’ and lastly 5TW performed a musical called ‘Big Bad Belmontia’.

‘I felt really proud of accomplishing something really good!’ quoted Ayomide, 5JD.

We hope that the children can take the newfound confidence and continue to perform so brilliantly in future years.

Year 5 Team