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Activity Week 2020 Launch

It’s that exciting time of year again, when thoughts turn to long, hot Summer days at the end of June and more specifically Activities Week. This is the third year that Mill Hill School will be running an Activities Week and we are confident that it will build on the successes of the last two years. It’s certainly bigger and more ambitious in comparison to its predecessors. Activities Week allows our staff the ability to share some of their wider intellectual, sporting and cultural interests with the pupils and provide life long memories after what promises to be a very busy and challenging year.  We have made an effort to offer a wide variety of activities, which range from overseas residential trips, external day trips to a host of ‘in house’ activities. Below is a link to the booklet which outlines the 30+ option blocks open to the Fourth Form, Removes and Fifth Form during the 22 – 25 of June and the logistics of signing up. A significant change from last year is that the sign up process is no longer a first come, first served basis (so parents can relax!). Pupils have a Firefly task, which they must complete by the 6 of January.

Please take time to read the document and get excited about the marvellous opportunities that are open to our pupils.