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Day one in New York

We started our morning with a visit to the Marion Goodman gallery where we were treated to a quiet, almost private series of themed installations using contrasting materials. The results were oddly beautiful, yet more interesting was the duality of the building itself; the empty whiteness of the gallery shattered by the chaos of central Manhattan outside the windows.

After a quick lunch stop we made our way to the Frick Collection, a much more traditional art gallery with many paintings and sculptures dating as far back as the 1400’s. Among these were three Manet paintings, the one that stood out to us by far was Beggar Philosopher. At the heart of the gallery was an indoor garden and fountain which served as a refreshing palate cleanser between the rooms of different artworks, my favourites being by JMW Turner for his seemingly fictitious merging of London with other cities such as Venice, creating this strange beauty in what could otherwise have been dull and familiar.