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Day three in New York

We started the day off with an iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Standing outside eating our pastries and drinking our coffee provided the correct amount of classic cinema. This set up our walk through Central Park to The MET Gallery. The MET proved to be a very exciting gallery, offering us a wide range of disciplines, from 20th Century American Art to Ancient African works to explore and understand.

This contrasted with the smaller more intimate experience of The Morgan Library. The Morgan offered a much more in-depth look at specific subjects, particularly the evaluation of what good photography is and a wide selection of Sargent sketches. However, the highlight of the Morgan had to be the stunning library with a Renaissance styled roof and floor to ceiling bookcases casually filled with books over 400 years old, including original edition copies of Mills Philosophy (it also had the best gallery shop thus far!)

After such an ancient spectacle we moved to the other end of the spectrum, exploring the modernity of Times Square and Fifth Avenue in our shopping time. This was finished off with dinner at an Italian restaurant and a game of charades.

Ruby and Chess