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Year 7 House Drama 2019

The Year 7 House Drama festival last Wednesday was a roaring success and a wonderful evening of entertainment.

As one of the highlights in the school calendar, the evening promises to get all members of the year group on stage and involves pupils performing within their Houses. So we had four performances….

First up was the Angles. This was a highly polished performance. It consisted of a selection of comedy pieces from Blackadder and Monty Python. The very poignant ending of the WW1 soldiers ‘going over the top’ when the comedy turns to real tragedy at the end of the scene was acted particularly well.

Next were the Jutes. This was an original piece put together by Mrs Smith, Mrs Berry and Miss Ramdel. It was a tribute to the many films of Tom Hanks from Forrest Gump to Toy Story. It mixed the serious elements of his acting with some very funny moments. We all enjoyed singing along to ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ at the end of this really interesting piece of drama.

The Danes performed next. To challenge the Danes, Mrs Russo put together a story to be acted to a mix of different songs. The theme of the piece was  Carpe Diem. The Danes worked incredibly hard to put their dancing, miming, acting and spoken words to the precise notes of each song. On the night they managed it and the result was very engaging. The piece ended with all the Danes climbing on board the Danes Train to escape from the treadmill of reality.

Finally, the Saxons performed a hilarious and very clever tribute to 1990s television comedy. We had Kevin and Perry, the moody teenagers, Blind Date and The Royle Family. A clever twist of the ‘Goggle Box’ family watching The Royles watching TV was genius, thanks to Mr McBurnie’s creative sense of humour. A Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rap also added to this performance!

We had invited ex-Belmontian Amelia Barzilay, soon to be Head Girl of Mill Hill in January and Drama Scholar to be our judge for the evening. Amelia gave really generous feedback about all four performances. She chose the Jutes as her favourite and therefore winning piece on the night but as we always say in House Drama: they are all winners!

Thanks so much to all the teachers who helped put together this gargantuan production and massive congratulations to all the Year 7 pupils for making it such a wonderful celebration of their talents.

Mrs Russo, Head of Drama