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11+ Sports Scholarship Launch

The 11+ Sports Scholarship is a new addition to the awards programme here at The Mill Hill School Foundation and with over 65 pupils in attendance, we couldn’t have asked for a better launch. We welcomed 45 external candidates and 20 internal candidates to take part in the assessment day, all aiming to become the first ever Belmont Sports Scholars.

Throughout the day the pupils took part in two of their chosen sports with all pupils participating in the problem solving and team work session. With the Sports Hall opening its doors only the day before, it was a fitting time for the Scholarship trials to be held as it played host to an abundance of talent and commitment. The fields were filled with Rugby and Football candidates, we had Hockey, Swimming and Tennis in action at Mill Hill School and Cricket, Netball and problem solving all challenging the pupils on the Belmont campus.

The afternoon saw the Year 6 pupils join up with our Year 8 13+ candidates in a fantastic joint Foundation session at Allianz Park. Pupils worked with the Middlesex University team on a variety of Strength and Conditioning tests using specialist equipment and tracking devices. The entire day was a triumph and one thing is for sure, after watching the pupils give their all on the field, the future of sport across the foundation is bright.

A special thanks to the Belmont PE team who worked tirelessly throughout the day to ensure the smooth running of the first ever assessment day.

Ms Goldthorpe, Director of Sport & Activities