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Chinese New Year

Our pupils welcomed in the Chinese New Year this past weekend with a variety of activities and celebrations; from baking, to visiting the local Chinese supermarket, karaoke and a visit to the parade at Trafalgar Square in central London. A few of our pupils have kindly written a little bit about their experiences here at this special time of year.


Brian, one of our Year 11 pupils from Hong Kong said that “In school, we greeted each other and had a Chinese meal together – I liked what was on offer; I had duck, crispy beef and egg-fried rice”.


Cristina, Year 11: “It was New Year’s Eve on Friday January 24th, but to be honest I had forgotten until the teachers said “xin nian kuai le”! I was completely confused because for some reason I thought Chinese New Year had already passed. I appreciated the effort made to decorate the dining room with some red lanterns and wishing us a happy new year in Mandarin, which I understood! I was really grateful to the school staff for giving us the feast and helping us feel at home.”

“After school, we prepared food for the Chinese New Year celebrations such as dumplings, rice balls and bubble tea”.


Herman, Year 10: “This was the first time I had celebrated Chinese New Year away from home, so there were a lot of different feelings. I was a little homesick, although we have many friends here to celebrate the special festival. The school managed a lot of activities for us to not feel lonely or bored. I think this is a special Chinese New Year for the international pupils here at school. I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year. May every day bring good health and good luck in your studies.”


We are glad that the celebrations at school helped to make it a time where everyone could learn more about the traditions of different pupils from different parts of China in particular and are glad they could feel part of the Mill Hill International family. Xin nian kuai le!