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Cross Country Championships

Pupils arrived at the course with a lot of enthusiasm despite the incredibly cold and muddy conditions. First up was the junior girls, with Ella R (Murray) dominating the race from start to finish, coming in 1st place. What was more impressive was the fact that immediately after finishing, she ran back to fellow Millhillians and supported them all through to the finish!

For the boys, there were some impressive finishes as Cross Country Captain Mittio M (School) managed to secure 1st in the Senior Boys, while James M (Atkinson) and Miles M (Murray) completed the trifecta to round out the top three. The only other top three finisher was Anastasia C (Murray), who demonstrated great vigour to earn 3rd place in a highly competitive field.

All in all, it was a successful afternoon, as not only did most runners demonstrate heart and grit on the course, but their general attitude was also highly commendable. They personified the Millhillian spirit and were great ambassadors for the School.