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This week in Nursery…

This week has continued to be wild and wonderful in Nursery and luckily for us the weather helped with this. The children have loved exploring what might have been in our classroom and this week we looked closely at bears to see whether this was the animal that entered our classroom. We read non-fiction books and watched an informative video which told us all about various bears including Polar bears, Brown bears and Panda bears. The children then worked out that it couldn’t have been a bear in our classroom as bears have claws which would show in the footprint and our footprints do not have these. The children then painted their very own bear and told us a fact they had learnt.

We also did lots of measuring this week, we measured bears footprints and our own footprints using mainly multilink. We then placed our footprints in a table looking at who had the smallest feet and who had the biggest.

We also have been looking at patterns using various resources. We made patterns using our bodies, the instruments and the sorting resources.