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This week in Nursery…

We have had another busy time in Nursery. The children started the week learning the sound and action to ‘a’. They confidently told each other the object they had bought in beginning with that sound and joined in with the song. They then all made an ‘a’ sound card by printing with ants. We also did apple printing and encourage the children to make patterns using the different colours.

On Tuesday we continued to explore prepositions with a song using bean bags. The children had to follow the song placing their bean bags in certain places. We then observed the children giving instructions to their friends asking them to place an animal in various places on the treehouse.

On Wednesday we carried on investigating what animal may have come into our classroom. This week we looked at hippos. We watched a video that gave us more information and looked in non-fiction books. We then used hippos as our resource to look at more and less. The children had to place pretend teeth on the hippo and tell us which one had more and less.

Today we made animal pizzas. The children decided what ingredients they wanted on their pizza and then placed them carefully to make them look like their favourite animal.