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This week in Reception…

The children returned from the holidays to find a creature had escaped through a display board.

They all had to guess what it might be. Was it a T-Rex or a teacher or a giraffe or a lion or a tiger or a terrabird or a hedgehog or a black panther or a simonsaurus or a cheetah or a dinosaur or could it be The Grinch? We will spend the rest of term trying to work out what the creature could be.

We have started with Dinosaurs! We have been learning about all the different types of dinosaurs, whether they are Herbivores or Carnivores and how we can recognise each one. They have particularly enjoyed the dinosaur raps on ‘Storybots’.

We have been learning about our learning friend Ursula the Unicorn and how she helps us be creative. We have been developing both creativity and independence by mixing our own paint and recording what we have found out.

In phonics we have been looking at sounds y, z, zz, qu and finding them in words and sentences. We will be continuing to look at new digraphs this term and how to read them within a word. In maths we have been looking at length, we have been measuring footprints, making long dinosaur tails out of clay and learning how to measure using rulers as well as blocks.

Mrs Jenner and Ms Staniford have been busy learning to. They went on a course about teaching woodworking skills in the Early Years.  We look forward to introducing the children to our new woodwork area in the cabin this term. More information to come soon.