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This week in Year 2…

The children have been immersed into the ‘Wild Tribe Heroes’ topic and have thoroughly been engaged as the adventure continues! They have been helping Steve Backshall in finding out about the rainforest habitat and collating evidence in their journals.

In Science, we have been learning about the layers of the rainforest! The children confidently recalled facts about the climate, trees, plants and animals found in each layer. Thinking back at some of the plants the children saw at Kew Gardens, we studied the parts of a plant and their functions. Following on, we learnt about the medicinal uses of rainforest plants and discussed some of the species we found at Kew. Some questions to engage the children’s thinking included- What do they already know about medicines? What are medicines used for? How did people discover the plants medicinal qualities? Was it on purpose? The children then went on to complete an information page on the different medicinal plants from the rainforest, using Purple Mash on the iPads.

Art was an interesting lesson based on the work carried out by Georgia O’Keefe. She inspired the children to look closely into a flower or plant, discuss the detail observed and to sketch only ‘what they could see’ in the picture. The children learnt how to hold their pencil correctly whilst sketching and went on to use vibrant coloured paints or pastels to finish their pictures. They look beautiful!