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This week in Year 2…

Year 2 have been busy designing and making rainmakers! Mrs Wakefield had a problem – her rainmaker was old and broken so she tasked Year 2 with making her some new ones. The children had to design their own rainmaker but she had certain requirements! It had to be attractive, safe, comfortable and easy to hold and it needed to make a good sound. So with that in mind, they designed and coloured in their rainmaker choosing whether to use a pre-made booklet or to make their own. They thought about the equipment they will need and which steps to follow to complete their design. The children then got to work! It was a very interesting challenge as some children used trial and error because their rice kept spilling out from the bottom of their instrument, while others experimented with the effectiveness of using different tape. Once the children had finished making their design, they had to evaluate it according to the criteria and its suitability for nursery children to play with. Thank you parents for sending in appropriate junk to make our superb designs!