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Year 7 Learning Performance Workshop

This Thursday, all Year 7 children had the pleasure of taking part in a workshop run by Learning Performance called Memory Matters. This workshop is designed to support children in developing essential study skills, and to give them strategies on how they can learn best and be resilient when faced with stress.

 Learning is something that no one can do for you, but it is something you will have to do for the rest of your life – yes even after school! So it makes sense that you learn how to learn quickly and effectively. The techniques shown today are based on scientific evidence and have been developed over twenty years. Not all will suit everyone so it is up to you to choose which strategies work for you.

That is the beauty of learning, the power is all yours.

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The sessions merged well with our school values of trying your best and embracing challenge, but also married with our focus on developing a growth mindset in our children and promoting the importance of well-being.

“I learnt some really interesting ways to help me revise, for example the box breathing method. This really helped to calm me down and I will use it in future before tests.” (Alex 7AW)

“In my opinion, the workshop was effective, and it will help me every day with revision, reflection and many other things. I found the breathing method very useful, and I also found the revision methods very good for school.” (Vivian-Su 7WK)

“In my opinion the workshop was effective and I learnt some good methods to revise and remember things.” (Mika 7MT)

“I found the workshop helpful for my revision and to support me with remembering. I found the breathing method quite useful for before exams.” (Rhona 7FB)

Miss Bufton (Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator)