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Harry Potter Book Night

Wizards and Muggles alike rejoiced on Thursday as Harry Potter Book Night was celebrated at events across the land – and here at Belmont too.

During morning registration, Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils received a very special invitation delivered by owl post (thanks to Caroline in 8AM!) with a promise of lunchtime fun.

Year 6 also discovered magic in their English lessons, being asked to create their own Hogwarts house, considering the symbolism of their animal, colour and name choices.

Thanks to a team of hard-working House Elves (thank you, pupil Library Assistants!) the Library was transformed into a magical Hogwarts-style grotto ready for the lunchtime fun. Year 5 pupils Katie, Yasmin S, Yasmin A-H, India, Emily Z, and Caitlyn also helped to decorate and manage the enormous crowd of excited pupils, welcoming them to Hogwarts and helping with activities.

Pupils browsed the Harry Potter book display, completed a magical word search, coloured in house-themed bookmarks and even tried their hand at the Triwizard Trivia quiz. The most popular activity by far was making bookmark owls, complete with googly eyes and felt beaks! Upper School pupils enjoyed a slightly more dextrous activity, creating their own origami house tie bookmarks.

An enormous thanks to all who came along to enjoy the fun and also to the teachers who supported the magic, particularly Mrs Pendred who led Care of Magical Creatures.

Mrs Hunt

Librarian (and proud Hufflepuff!)