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This half term in Science…

This half term, Science club has been fun and full of exciting experiments. The children started off with coke explosions; testing different types of cola from diet cola to full strength cola. We also experimented with chromatography, testing the color black. The children found out the colour black has many other colours within it.

Fruit batteries was another fun experiment; using lemons and oranges, with perseverance we managed to get the light bulb to light up once the fruit circuit was complete. The children found out the lemon battery was the most effective and lit up the bulb much brighter.

Crystal growing excited the children greatly. Once their salt crystals started to grow the children observed them closely to see how each crystal looked different. We also experimented with borax solution and made a large crystal.

Finally, we did the magical cup drop using water balloons and eggs with Newton’s law of inertia in mind.