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This week in Nursery…

We have had a fantastic week in Nursery and we have fully embraced the sound ‘t’ with lots of tiger and tea play.

The children started the week decorating their sound card with tea leaves. We then did a scientific experiment where we added hot and cold water to tea bags so see which one worked better. We also used our sense of smell to explore various teas and decide which one smelt the best.

We read the story ‘The tiger who came to tea’ and re-told the story using finger puppets and masks. The children then sequenced the story placing the photos in the correct order. Our home corner has become a café where the children have been having many tea parties. They made playdough cakes by rolling the playdough and placing them in the cupcake cases. We also used orange and black playdough to make tigers by rolling the playdough to make stripes.

We talked in detail about Children’s Mental Health week and the things we can do to make sure we have smiles in our tummies and sunshine in our brain. We then talked about what makes each of us special and the children told us what they thought made them special.

Today we had a great visit from Zoolab who showed us a variety of animals. We then had our very own tea party where we made orange juice using a juicer and our chocolate biscuits. What a busy week!