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This week in Nursery…

We have had another busy week in Nursery starting off with looking at the sound ‘p’. The children then decorated their sound cards with pink and purple paint.

The children made some lovely transient art Valentine’s cards for someone special in their family. They used pretty flowers placing them in various places all over a heart. We also did heart printing with paint and made heart biscuits using the playdough.

The children loved the flowers that I brought in and enjoyed doing some observational drawings, smelling them and describing them. I also brought in some daffodils and the children have observed how they have changed over the week as they bloomed.

On Wednesday we revisited all the Numicon shapes by playing a bingo game. The children had to place a counter on the matching shape and had great fun shouting ‘BINGO’ if they were the winner.

This week we have spoken lots about being kind and how being kind to others not only makes us feel good but also the other person. Today we made pictures for one of our friends, we discussed what they might like, what their favourite colour might be and what materials they might want for their picture. We also decided to carry on this kindness by visiting other classes. We decided to make the class a picture and give each teacher and teaching assistant a flower so they have smiles in their tummies. As a reward for being so kind the children got to have a special treat of popcorn with their snack.