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This week in Nursery…

What a wonderful week we have had in Nursery. The children arrived back at school to find an egg on the carpet and we have spent the week having a good think about what animal the egg might belong to and what animals lay eggs. The children made beautiful water colour pictures of the eggs thinking in great detail about how they could mix the colours to make the perfect light pink shade.

The children also arrived back to see that the role play area had changed into a deconstructed role play area. This role play allows children to be totally in control of their own learning, for them to take ownership of their ideas through the use of open-ended resources. The children have had great fun with the role play area being a farm, a boat with water, a delivery depot and a house all in one week.

The children enjoyed decorating their ‘i’ sound card with ink this week. The children also had the best fun playing with ice. They explored how it would melt and worked out how they would get the stuck animals out using hammers, syringes and pipettes.

The children loved their first Forest School session today. They were excited to see the forest and explore the new environment. They especially loved having hot chocolate and chocolate biscuits in the forest as a  snack.

What a busy week!