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This week in Year 2…

This week our newsletter has been written by Artemis in 2RM!

‘On Friday the 7th February 2020, Katie from Zoo lab came to Grimsdell and we met her in the hall. Firstly, Katie introduced us to her pet Simon. Simon is an Australian Whites Tree frog and Simon is a boy. Katie showed us that he is good at gripping because he had lots of sticky pads.

Secondly, out of a box, Katie showed us naughty Susie the African hissing cockroach. We learnt that Susie has two brains, one in her bottom and one in her head. Next we met Rodney who was a giant African millipede. He has 208 legs and he was only 2 years old. Rodney moved on my hand and it tickled me.

Finally, we met George, a corn snake from America. When George gets cold he feels all slimy but when he is hot he feels dry. He lives in the understory layer or the forest floor. I’ve always wanted to see a snake so I will never forget meeting George for the first time!’