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2020 Golf at Mill Hill

This week has seen the Mill Hill Golf Academy take a huge step forward with the offering for our golfers. In line with the likes of Millfield and the other top Golf Schools in the UK the pupils can now benefit from the SkyTrak launch monitor. The system will enable our Director of Golf, Mr Halford  to deal in swing facts and give the pupils evidence of their improvement during their sessions in the golf studio.

SkyTrak gives a holistic view of the golf shot with detailed data including ball speeds, smash factor, azimuth, 100% shot shape, trajectory and ball flights. Built into the system is a Truegolf simulator with some of the best golf courses around the world.

With this summer being our busiest ever term we hope to see the handicaps come tumbling down and improvements across the board for our golfers.

Mr Halford
Director of Golf