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Book Week at Grimsdell

Book Week is an annual event at Grimsdell, held to celebrate books and to inspire a love of reading.

What an exhilarating week! This week has seen numerous events and activities to connect Grimsdell readers with books and to celebrate the joy of reading. There was something for everyone to be inspired by and to enjoy. Our diverse range of activities included a visit by the author Tim Knapman, a daily Book Clue Competition, the ‘Drop Everything and Read’ Teacher/TA Reading run on Monday afternoon, a Book Fair and lots and lots of reading! This year’s Book Week theme was ‘Share a Million Stories’ and I feel sure that we accomplished this challenge! Different classes read to each other during Buddy Reading sessions, parents surprised their children by turning up as a Mystery Reader, children were read to by visiting Belmont pupils and were able to share their favourite stories with children less privileged than themselves by donating a pre-loved book to the London Children’s Book Project.

The highlight of the week has to be World Book Day Dress Up Day. On Thursday, Grimsdell was a riot of colour and excitement as children and staff came to school dressed as their favourite book character. During our World Book Day parade, everyone had the opportunity to showcase their outfit. We enjoyed admiring all the different costumes and trying to guess the book characters which ranged from Horrid Henry to Fantastic Mr Fox, Rapunzel to Harry Potter!

At Grimsdell we love reading for pleasure and Book Week was the perfect way to celebrate our enthusiasm with our wide range of exciting activities!